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In protective proceedings, a guardian or conservator is appointed by the Court to make decisions for an adult or minor the Court deems to be incapacitated.

Generally, conservatorships and guardianships are both legal proceedings that are initiated to establish an individual’s inability to manage their affairs, and result in the taking of that individual’s rights. In a conservatorship, the Court takes away the protected person’s property rights and appoints a conservator to manage, preserve, and administer assets owed by and for the benefit of the protected person. A guardianship, on the other hand, is a legal proceeding in which an individual’s civil liberties are taken away and given to a guardian to exercise decisions regarding the health and welfare.

Each role has specific duties under the law and an experienced attorney can help protect you by ensuring that you meet those duties. An attorney may also help you get appointed by the court or challenge the appointment of another guardian or conservator. Our experienced probate attorneys can provide assistance dealing with issues related to:

  • Petitions to appoint a guardian and/or conservator
  • Challenges to the appointment of a guardian and/or conservator
  • Preparation of annual guardian and conservator reports

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